Back to students time – 1st reflections

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


And here it is – participation in a new (quite long) online course is actually a new challenge for me. As learning designer I usually stand at the other side of the barricade. To be honest, the fact that sb cares for the course flow and I can be focused on learning and being reflective, is refreshing feeling 🙂

There are a lot of things that have to be read, organised, analysed etc. at the beginning of each online course. In ONL  I think even more as the learning environment is spreaded. After 4 days I know that it is manageable, but requires effective organisation at the beginning.

I don’t have any experience in working in community created in Google+. But I like my fresh perspective and consider it as opportunity to learn a new tool and to observe how the group will work and collaborate.

What I do like is that the group is formed at the very beginning of the course and that we start collaboration in a relatively short time from the start of the course. It allows for being focus on the group-related tasks. At the same time I have a strong feeling that we as a group is a part of broaden community  – which is a space for learning as well.

During the first group webinar our facilitator Anne Whaits asked me what I’m expecting to take from the course as learning designer? And I honesty answered that I take the opportunity to observe ONL pedagogical design, (FISh model, PBL, constructive alignment).

At the end, one probably more personal observation from yesterday’s webinar. Anne asked who would like to take the leadership of the topic 1 and when we honesty admitted that it is not easy task (new tools, new theme, new people) she reacted in amazing way – saying that they (facilitators) will never leave us! They will support us in the course timeframe and will do their best to make us work effectively. I have been facilitator couple of time, I my opinion a supportive one, but I think I have never express my readiness to be supportive to the group in a such explicit way. I really admire such a great approach!  Lesson learnt, definitely.



3 thoughts on “Back to students time – 1st reflections”

  1. I’m sure you will learn a lot in this course Karolina! As a learning designer and with all your earlier experiences it´s an excellent opportunity to develop new skills and try new tools. And I really agree with you when you write that you’ve learnt something from Anne about being a facilitator, so have I! I will do my best to support you and the rest of the group as a co-facilitator and I will learn together with you from our experienced facilitator Anne 🙂 See you ONL soon!


  2. It is a kind of an awkward feeling to be taken care of instead of thinking about everything as a facilitator or course designer. I totally agree with that – it is incredible for me to observe also different “styles” of facilitation – and such examples as yours from the webinar are very thought-provoking. The power of honestly, empathy and straight-forwardness applied in a simple yet so empowering way 🙂


  3. Hi Karolina!
    I enjoyed reading your initial reflections and experiences of ONL and it’s PBL collaborative learning communities and look forward to reading more of the new insights you are sure to gain as the course progresses. As strong proponents of Open Education Practices, we are in for a wonderful journey on ONL together. Great that you have an opportunity to experience the pedagogical design of ONL and leverage the best of it in your own institutional context ahead. Your group will no doubt draw on you well developed digital literacies as you tackle new topics. Your enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate from the get-go is well received by your group peers – Thanks!


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