Visitors and Residents continuum

I watched both videos about Visitors and Residents by David White and I generally agree with the model of engagement and its dependency on the context.

I can place myself in the middle, I think. I was born in early 80’s so I grew up in a hard time for Poland (comunism and no access, generally speking, to anything). But I think I can describe myself as digital native to some point. I use technology on purpose and when I need it for work and pleasure and I don’t have particular problems with becoming familar with using new tool.

I am definitley strong Visitor as I use Internet to pay bills, serach for information, book hotels, use maps etc.

When I consider University LMS – here comes fun as I am definitely institutional Resident! I do facilitate courses based on social interaction, where learners are in the center. The same is with Facebook – I’m more institutional resident as I co-manage FB website of my unit, and I share those activities (reated to my work) on my priviate FB wall.  Very rarely I post sth personal and comment other posts. The same is when I consider blogs – I do read them, but hardly ever comment the posts.

I found the White’s continuum very useful because of its flexibility and the context he add to it. This is sth that fill the gap in Prensky digital immigrant and digital natives model. I think the context is crucial as, based on what I’ve described above, it really do matters what role you play and in which context.  When I reflect upon my online engagement, one sentence from video part 1 tackles deeply the key issue for me – “all types of [online] activity are linked to our identity, our persona”. Is that really true?

Some time ago I have interesting conversation with a friend of mine – she told me that younger part of employees at work don’t seapk to each other often when they have coffee/lunch brakes but when it comes to online synchronous communication (Skype) they tend to discuss, they have nice sense of humor, are every engaged and active. My friend started to reflect on the reason of such awkard (for her) behaviour. Is it possible that those digital-born employees are used to communicate through media? That non-direct communication is not comfortable (socialy) situation for them? How this influences on learning and teaching digital-born young students?


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