Topic 2 – reflection

Topic 2 was really effective. After topic 1 and first 3 weeks of the course, I feel that we, as a group, have own pace of working – first week of a topic is a time to read, search and reflect upon the topic, then we meet online to discuss and choose a form and tool for producing the topic output. I really like the outcome-based approach and a group’s focus on producing sth useful for us and for others. I also like a lot that we decided at the very begining that learning on the course should be aslo a fun for us

Working with FiSH model

It was a bit difficult for me to work with FiSH model on topic 1. It wasn’t clear what it is expected from us to produce in the end. I think I was not the only one. We in the group 6 decided first to transfer a text created jointly on Google Docs into Padlet. But sth was missing, there was no key point and the aim of our work was not defined explicite so the text was just a text. At the end of the topic 1 there was no time for second online sychronous meeting I have made a decision to change Padlet into persona description and added a mobile scaffolding methaphor for being digital literate. The group outcome was achieved but I felt uncomfortable that I was changing the initial idea of the group by myself, without discussing it within the group.

Now I know that FiSH model gives us a flexibility. Which is good because it makes groups’ work unique and interesting for each other. But it is demanding as well. This great amount of flexibility requires the group to be maturite as a team which is able to define specific and precise aim of collaboration. FiSH gives only the frame but does not define the task/activity as this is a part of group responsibility. Within a group we have to investigate the problem and decide in which direction we would like / are able to go and by which form we would like to express what we’ve learnt.

With this reflection in mind, my work on topic 2 was less chaotic.

Online tools enhancing collaboration 

In the topic 2 we chose Pixton for cartoons and storyboard creation. I questioned it as in free version Pixton does not enhance collaboration. Anne – our facilitator – commented that we should not focus only on such kind of tools because it will narrow our list of possibilities.

After re-thinking this, I couldn’t agree more. This is true – we have Google Drive to collaboarte on the jointly defined task and the topic leader is responsible to transfer it into eye-chatchy/ presentation form. I’m totally ok with this! And in Topic 2 this is exactly how we worked. And it works!

Here is the results.



I like Padlet as a place for publishing questions for webinar. But I’m not sure why those questions weren’t answered during the webinar?

During the webinar on Topic 2 I really like the Kahoot session. I know this tool but have never tried it during online synchronous meeting. Great way to wake-up people and make them being more engaged.

On the webinar we were also divided into separate rooms and had 5 minutes to discuss on OER/MOOCs related issues. It was kind of surprise for me because it was sooooo fast and I had problems with mic and then with putting my thoughts in some logic sentences.


One thought on “Topic 2 – reflection”

  1. I’m very pleased to hear that you’ve found a modell thats works for online PBL work in group 6. This is what it’s all about! Instead of having set “rules” of how to collaborate and meet online it’s up to the group (of course with the support from facilitators) to figure ot how to work efficiently. And I’m even more pleased to hear that you’re also having fun doing it! To have fun together and get to know eachother is essential for online collaboration and learning 🙂

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