Topic 4 – constructive alignment

Topic 4 and my turn to take a leadership. I was impressed by my group-mates attitude towards the desiginig frameworks presented in the topic (ADDIE model and Salmon 5 stage model). They wasn’t crazy and super-positive about the models and one of us said that alignment between outcomes and activities is the most important in designing classes for students.

It is sooo true that constructive alignment is the key issue in designing good quality (e)learning (on micro and macro level). All models enhancing designing process are helpful only under condition that the alignment between outcomes, activities and assessment tasks is thought through.

Finally we’ve chosen the 5 stage model by Gilly Salmon and designed an activity between 4-5 stage of this model. I really like the way we worked throught this activity as I saw for the first time that the pedagogy is a common language that can lead us to the great outcome.  The discussion during the webinar was based on my proposition of basic assumptios but it was veeery pedagogy-driven. We talked about the outcomes, activity and assessmnt.  

Here is the result of our work.


A topic leader was responsible for give a short overview of a group activity to other groups during the webinar. I found the idea interesting but what I missed is a constructive feedback after my presentation. We had only 5 minutes to present + 2 min for feedback and it was far too less. Idea was great but I think that this activity could work better if the groups were assigned to each other before the webinar and had time to analyse the design and to prepare to the discussion.



4 thoughts on “Topic 4 – constructive alignment”

  1. I really appreciated that the discussion in group 6 always was very pedagogy-driven and NOT only tool/presentation orientated. This is how you learn in an online environment and not by producing fancy presentations.

    Also a very good idea about how to improve the activity when the topic leaders presented the ideas of the group in a webinar. Don’t forget to write that in the final evaluatin Karolina!


  2. Hallo Karolina

    I find your blog post very interesting.

    We experienced the same elements of emotion and initial confusion when we started with this topic.

    However, as the group contributed and commented on other participants interpretation of the topic, it became clearer and a more solid idea crystallized eventually.


  3. Dear Karolina. Thank you so much for leading this part of the course! The result and your presentation at the webinar was impressive! It has been a pleasure collaborating with you, with all your initiative and hard work! Thanks also for your thoughts about constructive alignment. I do agree on the importance of it.


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