Topic 5 – time to take what we’ve learnt

And here it is, the end of the course. 2 months passed veeery quickly. The last week was very short for me – only two days as from Wednesday I was in Berlin on Oline Educa Berlin. But we had our final webinar and I’m happy I’d managed to join and say BIG THANK YOU to laydies that I worked with. I think we were effective and learnt from each other. I liked the final presentation we created as a summary of our 2months work.

What is my lesson learnt?

I’ve learnt a lot! About learning design and facilitation, I’m familar with a banch of new tools. But I would like to reflect upon two most important aspects.

I’m now more convinced that an online course is possible to be organised and facilitated beyond LMS, based on a spotted environment like Google+ and Google Drive. It requires a bit more work at the beginning but is possible even for people with lower digital literacies.

This approach to online networked learning underlines the human presence and is based on interaction between students. The course can’t exists without collaboration.

I’m used to Gilly Salmon 5 stages model of online course where the community / the group working requires time to be effective and is built in some extended timeframe. A collaboration requires higher order skills (Bloom’s taxonomy), thus it was really a challenge for me to build a group presence and a group common language in one week. But surprisingly it worked, and was efficient from very beginning to the very end of the course. I would like to test it in some of our courses at the university.



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